This Church was founded and established in the 11th Century A.D, under the Holy Apostolic See of Antioch, and the Church was consecrated on 3rd Karkkidakkam (July),in between 1100-1125 A.D. The Church was modified in the 16th Century A.D. The carvings on the main door of the Church, made of granite, on which is inscribed in Syrian script, read as ʹʹthe door of the Mar Thoman Church was re-erected on 9th Thulam 1575 A.D.ʹʹ It is one of the ancient Churches in Kerala.

The church is a fine example of Gothic architecture. The carvings, sculptures, symbolic icons and lovely wall paintings, are a blend of Indian, West-Asian and European architecture.

The Althar of the Church with wooden carvings and paintings of unique design, are reminiscent of the Church at Jerusalem. There is a massive sculptural covering on the eastern side f the main Althar, with carvings of faces of cherubins and representations of the Holy Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The floor tiles are important from abroad. The rare antique paintings on the cealing above, have their-own stories to narrate.

The Baptism stand of this Church, is chopped out of a huge granite and it is about thousand years old. The two stories Parish building is about three hundred years old. It's wooden walls and sculptured celling, as well as, its strong room have with-stood the ravages of time.

The St.Gregorios Retreat Centre in the Church compound, is an example of modern architecture.

A proud heritage of the Church is the head circlets for the bride and the bridegroom on the occasion of their marriage. These were in vogue from the time of Knai Thoma and his contemporaries.


Holy Fathers deligated by the Patriarch of Antioch, used to visit Malankara to give guidance to the Christian Community and all the Holy Fathers were eager to visit Mulanthuruthy. Some of them found their eternal resting place here.

Late Lamented Mor Lvanios Hidayathulla (1693), Late Lamented Mor Gregorios Yoohanon (1773), and Saint Yuyakkim Mor Koorilose (1874), departed while in India. They lie in venerable tombs in this Church. Mor Koorolose Yuyakkim has his tomb in a shrine in the Church compound. Mor Ivanios Hidayathulla and Mor Gregorios Yoohanon, lie buried in the 'Mardbaha'. The tombs of these three Holy Fathers attract devotees from far and wide. They are springs of heavenly blessings. Their annual memorial celebrations are attended by huge gatherings.

Mor Anthrayos Bava from the Middle-East, came to Malankara in 1675, visited this Church. The golden chalece (Kaasa) used by the Holy Father, is a precious possession of the Church.


Even though Christianity was rooted in this Country, during the 1st Century onwards, there was no constitution or rules and regulations for the Church. This vaccum was filled by H.H. Ignatius Peter lll, Patriarch of Antioach. His Holiness came to Malankara and convened the famous 'Mulanthuruthy Synod'' in 1876 A.D. at this Church, in which, an Association was formed by name ''Syrian Christian Association'' and a democratic set-up for the administration of the Malankara Church, was adopted. Holy Mooron was consecrated by the Malankara Church, for the first time in India. Holy Mooron was again consecrated here, in 1911 A.D, by H.H. Igatius Abdulla ll, Patriarch of Antioach.

In appreciation of the historical importance of this Church and of its contributions to Malankara Church Patriarchs honoured it with the appellation 'The Second Jerusalem'.

H.H. Ignatius Yakoob lllrd Patriarch of Antioch, also visited this Church in 1964.

The present Patriarch of Antioch, H.H. Ignatius Zakka l Iwas, visited Mulanthuruthy, four times, during 1982, 2000, 2004 and 2008.


In 1876 A.D, a registered document, known as 'Mulanthuruthy Udampody of 1052 M.E'', was executed with No.15/1052 dated 19.8.1876, by the members of the Church, in which, it is stated that this Church was founded specifically accepting the Patriarch of Antoich, as the Primate of the Jacobite Syrian Church.


From time to time, this Church had produced ecclesiastical luminaries, who have been proud prodigies of the Church of Malankara, including. Late Lamented Abraham Mor Koorilose, reverently spoken as Kattumangattu Valiya Bava, entombed at Anjoor (1802), Late Lamented Geevarghese Mor Koorilose, the younger brother of the Valiya Bava, refered-to as Cheriya Bava, entombed at Vettickal(1809),Venerated and Proclaimed Saint of Malankara, Geevarghese Mor Gregorious, popularly known as 'Parumala Thirumeni', as well as ''Chathuruthil kochuthirumeni'' , who lie at rest in the Sanctrum of Parumala Church, (November 2nd 1902) and the Saint Paulose Mor Koorilose, popularly known as ''Kochuparambil Thrumeni '', entombed at Panempady Church (1917).

The present Metropolitian of Cochin Diocese of the Church, H.G. Joseph Mor Gregorious, is from the Srambical Pallathitta Family of this Parish


The Church celebrated its most important festival on the 19th Centenary Jubilee of the advent of St. Thomas, in India, during December 1952. From that year onwards, this Church is celebrating the feast of St.Thomas, with great Zeal and fervor. This has became the festival of Mulanthuruthy, now popularly known as 'Jubilee Perunnal'.


The Historic proclamation by the Patriarch of Antioch, H.H. Ignatius Zakka l Iwas, to include the sacred name of St.Thomas, in the 4th 'Thubden' and the sacred names of Moran Mor Ignatius Elias lllrd, Mor Baselios Eldho Mapriyana and Mor Gregorios of malankara,in the 5th 'Thuden' of the Holy Mass, was read-out at this Church, on 20th December1987

Holy Relics of St.Thomas- The most glorious event that this Church ever witnessed, was the installation of the Holy Relics of St.Thomas ,here, on 3rd July 1994, by the Apostolic Bull from H.H Ignatious Zakk I lwas.this Church is the only abode in the Malankara Syrian Church, where the only abode in the Malankera Syrian Church, where the relics of St. Thomas, is installed.

2nd Mulanthuruthy Synod- History repeated. In the year 2004, on Sept 27th, a meeting of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Association,known as ''2nd Mulanthuruthy Synod'', was held here, presided-over by H.H. Ignatious Zakka l lwas, Pattriach of Antioch and important decisions were taken for the development of the malankara Church. On this occation, His Holiness honoured this Church, with the additional appellation ''The Sehiyon of India''.

The Present- This Church is an autonomous unit, governed and administration by Constitution, adopted by the General Assembly of the members of this Church and approved by the Hon.Dist Court of Ernakulam, on 31-10-1967, in O.S.No 1/1124 M.E

The 9th Centenary Jubilee of the foundation of this Church, was celebrated during 2008, on this occation, H.H. Ignatius Zakka l Iwas, elevated this Church, as ''Cathedral''.

The Church is fourtunate to have been chosen to give eternal resting place to a Saint and to give birth to two Saints, including the evershining Jewel of this Church and proclaimed Saint, Mor Gregorios Kochuthirumeni. H.H. Ignatius Zakka l Iwas, visited this Church on 20th Oct. 2008 and Late Lamented Mor Koorilose Yuyakkim, emtombed at this Church and Late Lamented Mor Koorilose Paulose (Kochuparabil Thirumani), an eminent son of this Church, were declared as Saints.

Thus, this Church with its proud possessions and antique style of art and architecture, have a glow of tradition and architectural worth.

We welcome you to visit this centuries old Church and invite you for prayer and worship during your visit.